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Association of corfu travel agents

Activities in Corfu

There are plenty of things to do in Corfu as the island due to the island’s versatility and strategic location. Below you can find some of the most unique experiences one can have during his/her vacations on the island.

Activities in Corfu | Association of Corfu Travel Agents

Daily Cruises in Corfu

During the summer season, there are daily excursions to the picturesque island of Paxos and the amazing turquoise water beaches in Antipaxos. Another beloved destination is Parga, Sivota and Blue Lagoon, through which the visitor can explore the coasts of the Greek Mainland and swim in crystal blue waters. Visitors also have the opportunity to visit another country and more particularly Albania and its south coasts. This excursion also lasts one whole day, like the above mentioned excursions and gives the opportunity to the visitor to visit Sarande, Butrint and the Blue Eye.

Watersports in Corfu

For the sea lovers, Corfu features a variety of watersports for children and for adults, too. Almost in every famous beach of Corfu there are watersports available which include; canoeing, kayaking, SUP, waterskiing, wakeboarding, fly fishing, rings, parasailing and Jetpack.
Watersports in Corfu | Association of Corfu Travel Agents
Yachts in Corfu | Association of Corfu Travel Agents

Boat / Sailing Boat / Luxury Yacht Hire

Corfu offers a variety of hiring boats and yachts available for every budget. Hire a boat, drive it yourself and visit the northeastern part of Corfu or hire a skipper to visit the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. For those who love sailing, there is also a variety of companies renting sailing boats for the ultimate sailing experience.
For more exclusive rentals, plenty of luxury yachts are available for daily or weekly charters.

Corfu has countless pathways and amazing places of natural beauty, which are ideal for those who enjoy hiking, cycling and other activities such as horse-riding.
There is a variety of different excursions for every taste which are available through travel agencies all around the island.
Corfu has one of the biggest waterparks in Europe, guaranteeing endless fun to children but adults, too.

Nightlife in Corfu

Different regions of Corfu offer a variety of bars and clubs for those who enjoy going out and having fun during their holidays. The most famous ones are Kavos, Ipsos and Sidari. In the capital of the island there are also plenty of restaurants and bars.
Nightlife in Corfu | Association of Corfu Travel Agents